Fionn Ferreira

I am a gardener

Fionn Ferreira

I am very motivated and enthusiastic, I enjoy innovation and cool science, especially when things go bang! I have entred the BT Young scientist competition many times and love inventing and tinkering at home!
I also work at schull planetarium and enjoy giving knowledge to others.

  • Ballydehob, Co Cork, Ireland
  • +353 (0)83 404 9886

Some of my Skills

I can communicate science, I enjoy tinkering on projects, I am confident and can speak in front of people, I am very motivated and can carry through projects effectively, I like to learn new things and I enjoy wacky experiments

Good Communicator

I enjoy speaking to people and giving them knowledge. I have gaind valuable experience in this at Schull Planetarium, where I am the curator and head lecturer.


I am fascinated by the garden and nature.


I love new ideas and projects! I enjoy a good challange.


I get excited about science and innovation. I have done many award winning science projects.


I have achieved a high level at playing the trumpet and have played in several orchesras.


An award winner at the student enterprise competitions, I like thinking of new business ideas.

Science fair projects
Years of living
Science fair awards
Grades in the trumpet
  • Entry into google science fair

    The video shows a detailed summary of my project

  • Summer term starts at Schull Planetarium

    Schull planetarium will be open with starshows given by Fionn Ferreira this summer 3 times a week.

    As well as being the planetarium curator, I do all of the graphic design and lecturing.

  • Intel ISEF

    I won the intel award at the BT Young scientist, this gave me a trip to the Intel International Science and engineering fair 2018 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 2018. I was one of three students to represent Ireland. There were also Aaron Hannon with enable-arm and Niamh Kelly with a projet about a new way to kill canker in Chestnut trees.
    We exhibited our projects for 6 days and got two days of rigorous judging. I has been a very interesting and rewarding experience.

    After the rigorous judging, I won several prizes,
    - First place, American Chemical society award
    - First place, Drug Chemical and Associated technologies association award
    - 2nd Place overall in schemistry
    - Highly commended by the american statistical association
    - An undergraduate scholarship to the university of Arizona.

  • Schull student Fionn Ferreria zaps microplastic pollution

    The sunday times, June 10th 2018

    An Irish teenager has created a liquid that can remove microplastics from water, writes Laoise Neylon. The tiny plastic particles have become a significant source of pollution in seas and oceans, and often end up in fish that people eat.

    Fionn Ferreira, 17, from Schull, Co Cork said that his invention removes microplastics by magnetising them. “Essentially it is a process that works with ferrofluid, a magnetic liquid,” he explained.
     Both oil and plastic are non-polar, which means they do not possess a negative or positive charge, and so in the presence of water they will attract each other and stick together. Ferreira adds oil and magnetite, an iron ore, to the water and this solution attracts the microplastics. “Then I can pull it all out with a magnet,” he said.

     Industry, households, water-treatment centres and mineral-water companies could potentially reduce the microplastic contamination of water by about 87%, he believes. Sophisticated filtration systems capable of removing microplastics do exist, but are not being used because they also remove other items from water, including minerals. Because of its liquid nature, Ferreira thinks his invention could be scaled up and used by industry to reduce pollution. “I’m thinking about a continuous flow system,” he said.
     “There would be a layer of ferrofluid and contaminated water would flow through it.” Any traces of magnetite and vegetable oil that remain would be entirely harmless to the environment, he said. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is currently conducting a review of existing evidence on whether consumption of microplastics is harmful.

    It has yet to establish whether they are present in water at concentrations harmful to human health. Ferreira, a student at Schull Community College, recently won two awards for his idea at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Patent developer Intellectual Ventures also gave him its Insightful Invention Award. It is hoped that Ferreira’s invention can be scaled up to allow water-treatment facilities to remove microplastics at a relatively low cost. Nathan Myhrvold, founder and chief executive of Intellectual Ventures, said: “There are a lot of engineering challenges still to be solved to do that, but the use of chemical and electromagnetic separation techniques together is a potentially powerful combination.” He added that the volume of plastics littering the ocean continued to grow every year, and a huge source of this pollution was municipal wastewater and stormwater. “Any technology that could efficiently allow plastics to be captured from these wastewater flows before they are discharged would be a big win for the environment.”

  • Irish teen may have discovered solution to global plastic crisis

    The Green, May 29th 2018
    Fionn Ferreira, a 17-year-old student from Schull Community College recently left top scientists at the world’s largest pre-college science fair in awe when he revealed his inventive idea for removing microplastics from the water.Fionn’s award-winning idea involves the use of a natural magnet to extract plastic particles from the oceans.
    “I was constantly hearing about plastic pollution on the news. So, I started looking around for a solution, and it seemed to me that there was none,” Fionn told The Green News.
    “I was always interested in environmental issues, but my biggest concern was always plastic pollution, however, when I tested my project at home, and I was able to remove the plastics [from water], that’s when I became really interested in microplastics pollution,” Fionn says.
    Tiny plastics in the ocean contaminate water and may seriously endanger marine life. A new study published in the journal Science reveals that juvenile fish have started to chow down on plastic microparticles instead of zooplankton.This unnatural diet has led to stunted growth, behavioural changes, and will ultimately increase mortality rates among the fish population.The secondary school student, who delights at the appearance of a challenge, was determined to search for a solution to this problem.
    Combining his intelligence and relentless curiosity, the teenage entrepreneur finally discovered a feasible, cost-efficient solution in the admixture of oil and magnetite powder. “I thought that oil is non-polar [doesn’t possess negative or positive charge] which means it sticks to something that is also non-polar and plastics are non-polar,” Fionn says.
    “So, I thought maybe they might stick together… Then I thought what if I mix oil with something magnetic and stick them in water and it could be used as a magnet.”The combination of oil and magnetite makes the plastic entirely magnetic and easy to remove from the water.
    “The microplastics can be removed with the magnet, and the magnetic fluid called ferrofluid can be re-used several times,” he says.Fionn has tested his prototype and his home-built spectrometer shows that his innovative magnet has the capacity of extracting 87 per cent of microplastics from the water.The spectrometer is also an invention of its kind. “My spectrometer is an instrument that passes light through a sample. As a result, I can determine what exactly is inside a sample, and it is a very accurate model,” he says.

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    Entry into google science fair

    The video shows a detailed summary of my project  


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